Richard Prince and Mark Leckey in conversation (Live)



Live Performance
Leith Docks

Notions of authorship, ownership and power structures pulsate through the veins of Ltd Ink Corporation. Harman found early recognition whilst still a student at Edinburgh College of Art when he put a scaffolding pole through the window of a forewarned Edinburgh art gallery who chose to prosecute (Brick 2009). The artist continues to challenge and reappropriate institutional power in Website Projects (2016-17), a series of new online works. Using the internet-ether of pixels and code as (im)materials, credibility is crowd-sourced in this universally live web of artworks. These new online works seem especially auspicious in this time of digital rights and Internet privacy debates.

For Ltd Ink Corporation (March 2017), Harman working in collaboration with Fruitmarket Gallery*, invited Leckey and Prince to meet “in conversation” on the opening night of his exhibition. Interested in truth and reality and what it means to believe falsehoods, the audience was invited to witness the two artists* discussing themselves, their artistic practices and the exhibition around them. Was what the audience were witnessing real

Photograph: Chris Scott