Watching and Waiting



photography and mixed media
Leith Docks

Harman’s tents stem from his interest in the theatre of suggestion. Each Tent piece began with a list of ‘props’, or a kit list. The props were documented using a mobile phone before being set up within the tents. Each tent included the following:
1 x Sleeping Bag
1 x Towel
1 x Pair of Men’s Boots
1 x can of Stagg Chilli
1 x Blow up doll
1 x Mini Torch
Semi-rural locations are chosen to ‘stage’ the tents. Once erect with the props placed inside, the tents were zipped up, photographed and abandoned to continue ‘performing’ without an audience. Of course, it is likely that members of the public will find the tents and construct their own narrative to explain the presence of the tents and their possible occupant.


Photograph: Chris Cook